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Maori Language Week by Jasmine

Maori Language Week

By Jasmine
Week 2, at Ormiston, it is Maori language week.

On Monday, we had our two first iExperiences. 

Our first iExperience was with our Hapu Learning Coach and then our second one will be with another learning coach. Hapu groups (Hapu groups are groups with a learning coach that we started having from Term 2)

My Hapu group was called Kiwis. Our Hapu learning coach is Mr Dyer. 

We did singing together. We went over songs that we sing at Hui time and our National Anthem. Some of out team mates were able to stand in front of our group and sing some of the songs. The girls and boys had a go at singing the National Anthem in different parts. So the girls went first and them the boys went last and I must say the boys were pretty good at it. They weren't bad. After, the girls won. GO GIRLS!! During our singing, some of our group members were brave to sing in front of our group.

Kiwis second iExperience was with Mrs Dillner. We had to use Pic Collage which is a app where we can put on photos and text and stickers to create our own collage. We had to be in a group of three. Me, Taanvi and Anjli were together. We all had a book base on a topic. Our book was about animals. They had some pictures of animals with their name and Maori name. We had to pick which one interested us most and take a picture of it and insert it into Pic Collage. We then had to find the sign for it. My group did something different. We put our picture of our animal on Pic Collage and then we founded the sign for it on images and then we put it with it. 

Maori language week is #oresome. I have learnt a lot of new things and I have really enjoyed Maori language week so far.

LH1 went to the zoo and the Kea came too!

Learners in LH1 took a trip to Auckland Zoo to learn about animal adaptations and the habitats they live in.

Cooper the Kea came with us and he travelled around with a group of eight learners: Shaun, Humaam, Imran, Eric, Jasmine, Gracy, Nisita and Genevieve.


One of the first locations we visited was the Orang-utans. We learned that in some ways they are really similar to humans. They also have a huge arm span. I wonder why they have such long arms? 


 A lot of learners really enjoyed watching one of the Red Pandas clambering through the trees in his enclosure near the meerkats. He was very active, unlike his sleepy mum, dad and baby brother, who were quietly napping in another enclosure around the corner.

Cooper loved visiting his cousins in the Kea enclosure as well as seeing other feathered friends. He wondered why the flamingos were pink and what they liked to eat? One of the Zoo educators, Sue, was able to answer those questions for all of the learners in LH1. Can anyone remember?



We had our lunch nearby to where Anjalee and Burma live. A lot of the learners in LH1 could remember Anjalee's name because it is the same as Anjli in our habitat! Anjli was first to get her name because she is 11 years old and Anjalee is only 9 years old.
John (another Zoo educator) told us that Burma is over 32! He also spoke to us about Burma's old friend called Cashin who died 6 years ago. Some of the Learning Coaches could remember Cashin from when they were at primary school, because Cashin was the mascot for children's banking at the ASB Bank.

 For most of the day the Cheetahs, Anubis and Osiris, were dozing in the back of their enclosure. When our group went to meet up to learn more about them, they both came slinking out to see who had come to say hello. We learned that they have tear stains which make their faces look bigger and scarier to animals who want to steal their prey, as well as acting like a pair of sunglasses!

We all loved our day at the Zoo. I'm sure we'll remember it for a while to come :)

What were some of the highlights of your time at the Zoo? Comment below with your favourite moments!

LH1 went on a trip to the Auckland zoo! by Aleena

When we were on the bus some of us started singing: We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo How about you, you, you? You can come too, too, too We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! When we arrived at the zoo we went into our three groups and in our three groups we split into another three groups.In the end I was in the flamingos which was lead by Ash's dad.We first choose a route because we had to be at the elephant enclosure by a certain time. We saw a lot of different animals! My favourite was the giraffes, wallabies and the meerkats. When we went to the meerkat enclosure we found a meerkat tunnel.We went through the meerkat tunnel and saw the meerkats doing their job which was looking towards something. We had a lot of fun but then it was time to go to the elephant enclosure.When we reached there we started eating lunch and Ash's dad bought us some hot chips! The flamingos were the first group and then the other groups came. When we were done with our lunch three zoo keepers started talking to us about what we were going to do next.We went into our three groups as I said before I was in Mr Dyers group we first learnt more about the elephants.Then we learnt more about the cheetahs and then we learnt about the flamingos.After that we got time to roam around the zoo some more and then unfortunately it was time to go back to our school. I know I had a wonderful time at the zoo and I'm sure everyone else would have too!Zippity Zoo-da! on PhotoPeach

Peanut the Pukeko's Zoo Adventure...

**An embellished recount of our trip to the zoo...
Peanut the Pukeko travelled from a long long way away.  He came here to OrmPS to see other pukekos and make friends with them.  One day he went to the zoo with the learners from LH1 because he was invited to the zoo by the zoo pukekos. I think Peanut wanted a friend that was a pukeko too.  He saw some pukekos and he left his other friends a long way back.  Peanut got lost! While he was lost he found Pineapple the parrot.  They walked for a long time and then they found his mom looking for him.  During the walk they found other animals.  They saw lots of different birds like tuis, tucans, keas, kiwis, pukekos, woodpeckers, macaws, kokako and cockapoo.  They walked to the chimpanzee enclosure and touched the fence- uh oh!  The chimpanzees didn't like that and their tempers exploded!  The primitive primates went crazy but Ollie the Orangatang saved them by grabbing them and bringing them to safety.  He gave them directions back to the other pukekos.  On their way back, they got hungry so they started looking at each other and thought they were so hungry they could almost eat each other, cannibal birds!  Just then a cheetah jumped out and chased them.

LH1 Zoo Trip on PhotoPeach
 When Charlie the cheetah caught them he took them back to his habitat and prepared to eat them.  While he was doing this they escaped. They saw three meercats who were posing for other people and Pineapple asked the friendly humans where to find the OrmPS learners.  The humans were trying to understand what the birds were saying and just then Mr Dyer walked around the corner and rescued them.  What a great day for Peanut and his new friend Pineapple.

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Collaboration by Shreya

My collaboration post

   By Shreya

Today I am going to talk about what collaboration means to me. First thing is that working together as a team is being collaborative. My second idea for collaborative is the action of working with someone to produce something like your school project or doing a challenge. My third one is being collaborative is the same as being cooperative.these were some ideas for collaboration. At our school this term we have been learning about collaboration. On the first day of term 3 we of school we did a collaboration challenge part 1 at our block in the morning. On the second block which was in the afternoon we had collaboration challenge part 2. Both of them were really fun. But the main  thing about the challenge was that we were being kind and nice to each other especially if there were new learners.