Thursday, December 7, 2017

Developing our Capabilities

Over most of the term, our learners have been developing their capabilities in Physical Education and the Arts. We have been practicing technique and skills for athletics sprint and track events. Here are some of our learners giving it a go.

Eeshaan and Javelin

 Matthew and Hammerthrow

iExplore: Sports Workshop group

Over the last few weeks, we have been practicing our Michael Jackson dance item to present at our End of Year celebration. Here is a small snippet of our item

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Alice in Wonderland

For the past three terms, our school has been preparing for the Ormiston School Production - Alice in Wonderland. Each habitat were given a song to practice a dance and perform on the evening. Lots of learners were involved with acting and dancing. Thank you to Miss Morgan for choreographing our dance item. The learners developed their dance skills, movement and co-ordination skills and some their acting skills. This is the first time in our school history to have such an event. Well done to Miss Barber (from LH3) and her team of learning coaches and everyone involved from learning coaches, parents and learners. We've had some great feedback from parents and our community. Thanks everyone

Our LH6 Learners (Year 5 - 6)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

iExplore - Rescue Puppies!

For iExplore in Weeks 1- 5 we have been learning about Dog rescues with Miss Morgan. We learned about how the dogs that they rescue go to foster homes which means they live in a home with someone until they find their forever home. We researched what sorts of things we could do to help these puppies and made lots of toys for the rescue pups, as well as collected dog food, old clothes, blankets and old toys to donate as well. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Miss Morgan's rescue - Saving Hope Foundation. One of their fosters, Darren, brought in two 12 week old pups for us to pat, cuddle and play with and we got to ask lots of questions! Darren told us about foster fails which means that the foster home falls in love with the dog and decides to keep him, just like Miss Morgan has done with her foster pup Tyson. He also told us about some of the puppies they have found - one of Darren's puppies was found tied up in a plastic bag with 7 others from the litter.
We took lot's of photos of this experience and have made it into a little movie below, we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Water Fun Day in LH1

For our writing assessment, our habitat had a 'Water Fun Day' experience. This was a motivation for our learners to write about. Here is our movie:

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Developing our Capabilities

This term our school vision principle is Capable. With a particular focus on developing creativity. As part of our school morning we set up provocations that are meant to provoke our children's learning. Here are some examples of the activities we have done so far:

Boys building

Girls making origami

We also watched a Manaiakalani Movie from their Film Festival. This movie is called Just Dance by Room 11 and Mrs Moala and Pt England School. Here is our recording of us copying them.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Capable Playing in LH1

At Ormiston Primary we have our four vision principles: Collaborative, Connected, Curious and Capable. This term our focus is around 'Capable'. Each fortnight we have a korero (talk) during our hui (assemblies) from Mr McNeil and the following week we go over it again in our Oresome Whanau groups. 

Capable Playing to some learners are: playing by the rules, being kind to others and participating to name a few ideas. In our habitat, we discussed with Mr Dyer what that means and should look like on a daily basis. Here are some images of our learners who received the 'Capable Playing' awards. Well done to everyone.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Learning is Fun

In our habitat and as part of our school philosophy our learners are able to explore and experience more of what interests them. In the afternoons, we have iExperience. Learning coaches lead an experience and our learners then choose what they would like to learn more about. 

This week we had Mr Dyer led a lesson around Chinese zodiac and learners heard more about the year they were born in. Miss Morgan led a lesson around Kiwiana and New Zealand culture, Miss Lavakula looked taught a Niuean takalo (haka/ war dance) and koli (dance). Mrs Moopanar worked with our Year 3 learners to update their online learning pathways.
Here are some photos and a video of what some of our learners got up to. This song is from the Tusini Rex family in Otara and you can view it here titled Together for Generations

Monday, October 23, 2017

We're back for Term 4

Term 4 has begun for us. Our vision principle focus is: "Capable". We started this week with "Capable Playing" and what this means and looks like for our learners. Things are in full swing here at school and there's lots of things happening and coming up this term.

This week was also: Niuean Language Week, Chinese Language Week and Diwali.  Here is a short clip of Aishpreet and Waleed saying "Hello" in Niuean.

Here is a short clip of our learners watching and copying a Desi dance for Diwali. This was done in an afternoon for iExperience with Mrs Moopanar.

Watch this space for more amazing work and learning from our children in LH1 to come. Happy Learning everyone!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

LH1 Dual language Books

Dual language books

For iExplore in Term 3, 2017 a group of learners worked with me on exploring their culture. As part of their learning they created a dual language book with information about their culture in English as well as their first language.

So what?

Dual language books have been designed to help children learn to speak, read and write English well, by building on the strengths of their strongest language to do this.
Children start school with different strengths in language:
Some children may speak their first language strongly, but their English language may not be quite so strong.
Some children may speak English well and be able to understand their heritage language but not speak it strongly.
Others may be able to speak some of their own language and some English, but not be strong in either. 

Now what?

When children create dual language books they are meant to take them home and read them to family members, in their strongest language. That could be their first language or English. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Culture Art

As one of Learning Habitat 1's Art iExperience this term, all learners created a 3 circles piece of artwork. Each learner drew three circles - one to represent the culture, one to represent their family culture and one to represent New Zealand culture.

The learners really enjoyed this experience and it was great to listen to them talking about their artwork and their culture. Below is an image to show some of the learners with their artwork.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

All About Curious

Term 3 has begun and this term's focus principle is "CURIOSITY". In our habitat we are going to be learning lots about Culture, spark student curiosity in iExplore and iExperience and try to learn as much as we can.

This week was all about 'Culture' and 'Cook Island Language Week'. The learners got to explore and learn more about their own culture as well as the Cook Islands. Some of our learners participated in the Cook Island group and performed their item on Friday during hui.

We also learned about Maori Culture in our habitat and learned some new waiata like: He Honore. Our learners even got to make a Maori symbol using salt dough and were able to think about what the symbol meant to them.

During iExperience with Mr Dyer, one of the activities was to design and create a small vehicle using plastic rollers, wooden skewers and milk bottle tops. The idea was to have as less friction in their models as possible. At the end of the lesson, learners got to see how far their models went down a ramp.

One of the other activities was learning to sew using a needle and yarn. Learners had to thread their needles and then cross stitch using hesium. For a lot of our learners it was their first time sewing and this sparked a lot of their curiosity.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Welcome Back to Term 2

The term has now begun and there some wonderful things coming up and already happening here at Ormiston Primary. In week one, we harvested our garden and were able to gather some amazing produce such as beetroot, spring onions and carrots. The learners also tidied up and weeded the garden beds.

We had some amazing learning based around provocations. Learners were challenged to see what they could make with loom bands, what games they could create using certain sports gear and building a marble run that could extended to two levels.

In Learning Habitat 1 we have also mixed some of our learners based on their learning needs. This helps not only learning coaches but all the learners to collaborate with others inside the habitat in literacy and maths.

This week is National Road Safety Week and New Zealand Sign Language Week so watch the next post for more photos and updates. Have a wonderful week and remember to watch this space.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Buckets, Tagata and Movie Making

This week in our habitat our learners talked about the idea of Filling my Bucket. This is the concept that everyone has a bucket and when you compliment others or help to reaffirm others in a positive way, not only are you filling their bucket but your bucket is being filled too. Mr Dyer talked about this with the learners and got them to practice in small groups. Lots of learners understood what this meant and this was a good way for all learners to be practical at helping and lifting others up as well as ourselves. In iExperience, Miss Morgan ran an activity where learners had to fold and make their buckets as a display wall. Once the wall is completed, learners can then write affirmations about others as a note and put them into other buckets.

For whanau groups, we have been learning about significant people from New Zealand that relate to our four Vision Principles: Collaborative, Connected, Capable and Curious. Learners had to decide how their chosen Tangata showed these vision principles. All learners, learned about people like: Sir Edmund Hillary, Sophie Pascoe, Joseph Parker, Richie McCaw and others. Mr Dyer is taking a group of learners and they are going to create posters to display in our habitat.

One of the other tasks included our year 3 learners on their learning pathway with Mrs Moopanar and movie making with Mrs Swires. Movie making was a lot of fun. Learners had to brainstorm ideas for what their movies would be about. They had to have a clear theme and idea of what they were going to show through movie making. The group talked about different angle shots and will learn about Storyboarding and iMovie using iPads.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tennis, Rugby and Water Fun Day

This week was our last week for Tennis with Marcel from Auckland Tennis. We are so appreciative of his time and of all those involved behind the scenes for our school to have free tennis lessons. Our learners got to practice skills like: holding a tennis racket, trying to balance a tennis ball, letting the tennis ball bounce first and then trying to hit it over the net. For most of our learners, it was their first time learning tennis skills and we all hope that this would continue outside of school. Learners can do this at Manukau Tennis or Howick Tennis. We all hope that Marcel will come back later in the year.

On Friday, our school were fortunate to have Jarrod and some players from Auckland East Rugby come and take our learners for a rugby session. For some of the learners, it was their first time and they all had so much fun. They played different games and even got to have a go at the tackle bag. Some of the skills they learned were: passing, catching, side stepping, shuffling of feet and giving your team mate a target with your hands. One of our learners Lui from LH5 got given a free Milo rugby ball for collaboratively participating and giving it a go. Again, we hope that Jarrod and his team will come back to Ormiston Primary soon!

On Friday during iBreak 2, our whole school was invited to a Water Fun Day. It was a beautiful sunny day and lots of the learners were changed into their togs and old clothes to participate in a whole heap of fun. Learners got to bring in their water guns, pistols, water balloons, buckets and anything else they could use to squirt and fire water at other people with. Our Water Fun Day was organised as a celebration of our whole school having collected over 2500 reward tokens. We are all very lucky to have this awesome day organised for us by Mr Dyer and the Learner Leaders across the school. Thanks everyone involved for making this day and extremely #oresome day!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

LH1's Oresome Garden and Collaborative Meeting

Over the last few weeks our school has been actively thinking, planning and designing our gardens. Each habitat has their own assigned garden. As part of iExperience and iExplore, our learners have been looking at what we can plant and thinking about what we will do with the produce once grown and harvested.

A huge thank you to Mr Dyer who has played a major role in our habitat's garden. Groups of learners cut the wood for the signs in our garden, other learners painted and designed the signs, others got the soil ready, planted the seeds and even helped with the LH1 sign. Doesn't it look Oresome?!

Science: What makes plants grow?
Achievement Objectives: Design and develop a garden to improve the area of the school

This also encourages 'Education for sustainability' and for the local community to become involved.

During our hui, Mr McNeil talked to us about Collaborative Meeting. Afterwards, we had a discussion with the learners and here are some of their thoughts and ideas that we talked about together.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Testing, Gardens and Certificates

This week for our learners is testing week. Every learner had to sit an easttle writing test. For those in our habitat the writing prompt was to describe something special that they did with a friend. They were given 10 minutes to brainstorm, 25 minutes to write and 5 minutes to edit their writing. It was great to see all learners trying their best.

Our habitat has begun! This week as part of iExperience, the learners in habitat one got to opt into garden activities. Some got to cut, paint and design signs for what was planted in the garden. Others got to fill the garden beds with soil and clean in and around the garden. The last group's job was to learn more about how plants grow, what helps them to grown and research recipes for the vegetables growing. The idea is for our vegetables to be sold or turned into a scrumptious meal at the Collaborative Community Day at the end of the term. Our learners had so much and can't wait to see how the vegetables grow.

It's certificate time in our habitat and here are our winners. They were awarded these certificates as part of our focus in Hui which is being 'Collaborative'. Congratulations to all our winners this week!

Another learner was struggling with a task and asked Ayod for help. Ayod was very kind and helped him, even though he had his own work to do. He is able to work independently but also collaboratively with others.
Harman is friendly and collaborative. She is happy to learn alongside others in her hapu and habitat groups. Harman has shown great collaboration during our NZSL learning each week.
Jenny is always curious about her learning and has been working collaboratively with others. She willingly shares her learning with others and has proven herself to be a capable learner in our habitat.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Cheep, Cheep, Crack, Crack!

We had an exciting start to the week, the learners got super excited to see the courier man! Not a normal occurrence, in fact they usually don't even notice the courier man coming, so why were they so excited you ask?
They were waiting for our fertile chicken eggs, seeing the delivery man, meant that we received our eggs! This year LH1 are lucky enough to experience hatching their own baby chicks. On Wednesday we put the eggs in the incubator, point down. We have to wait 21 days until we can see the chicks begin to crack out of their eggs. We are super excited to meet the little babies and we check the eggs everyday.
We have 12 eggs sitting in the incubator and we read a poem about chicks hatching out of their eggs.
We have done a few learning activities around chickens and them hatching and we are looking forward to learning more and sharing the journey of hatching baby chicks with you.